Couples Therapy


 Are you struggling to communicate with your spouse? Some common symptoms included:

  • Difficulty or decrease in meaningful communication.

  • Increased and/or more intense arguments

  • Feeling misunderstood by your spouse

  • Criticism, defensiveness, contempt, or stonewalling 

  • Repeated arguments around the same issue. 

  • Negative nonverbal communication


Healthy and effective communication is essential to a strong marriage. As communication breaks down between you and your spouse negativity can spread and intimacy can decrease. 


Research showed that 57.7% of divorced couples identified conflict and arguing as their reason for divorce. 

Unhealthy communication DOES NOT have to be the end of your relationship!

How can couples therapy help?

Using research-based Gottman Method Couple Therapy I can help you and spouse develop the skills to cultivate more meaningful and satisfying communication. I can help you to navigate through those perpetual issues and create a stronger and longer-lasting marriage. I will ensure that both individuals feel understood and valued.


Lastly, I understand the vulnerability that it takes to allow another person into the struggles of your relationship, and I honor the strength it took just to be here right now. Now use that strength and reach out today.


Click Here to schedule your free consultation. We will discuss your counseling needs and I can answer any questions you or your partner may have.

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